Our Leadership

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MCAAP is governed by a Board of Directors representative of the general membership. In addition, MCAAP has five chapters representing administrators and supervisors in different levels and roles in the school system. The chapters include:


  • Elementary School

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • Central Services

  • Business and Operations Administrators

MCAAP members are assigned to chapters based on their position and location. Each chapter selects from its membership a chapter cabinet vice-president and up to 14 additional members to serve on the chapter's cabinet. The chapter cabinet functions as the leadership group for the chapter and is chaired by the elected vice president. Each cabinet also selects three of its members as delegates to MCAAP’s Board of Directors.

2021–2022 Board of Directors:

  • President: Christine Handy

  • Vice President of Leadership Development/Liaison for Professional Growth Systems (PGS): Anne Dardarian

  • Secretary: Cheryl Clark

  • Treasurer: Marita Sherburne

  • Executive Director: Stacy Gray 

Chapter Cabinet Representatives on the Board of Directors:

Elementary School Chapter:
  • Vice President: Mike Bayewitz

  • Delegates: Ryan Forkert, Melanie Knight, Jamila Denney

Middle School Chapter:
  • Vice President: James Allrich

  • Delegates: Irina LaGrange, Yong Mi Kim, Augustine Kang

High School Chapter:
  • Vice President: Edward Owusu

  • Delegates: Elizabeth Thomas, Renay Johnson, Joseph Mamana

Central Services A&S Chapter:
  • Vice President: Cara Grant

  • Delegates: Kecia Addison, Randy Rumpf, Genevieve Floyd

Business and Operations Chapter:
  • Vice President: Patricia Donner

  • Delegates: Kina Elyassi, Julie Morris, Julia Broyles