MCAAP is the employee organization which represents all administrators and supervisors on MCAAP’s M to Q and MCBOA’s G to K salary guides.  As a unit member, MCAAP represents and protects the professional and employment interests of members through collective bargaining, job-alike professional learning communities, assistance and advocacy on behalf of our members and collaboration activities with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and our sister employee organizations.


MCAAP Membership Dues $900 

Membership dues of $900 per year enables MCAAP to provide a full range of services and support for our members. Dues can be paid via employee payroll deductions.



Dues Collected for other Industry-Related Organizations:

As a courtesy, MCAAP provides members with the option to join other associations, MAESP/NAESP and MASSP/NASSP, and pay their membership dues via payroll deductions. Members can complete one application to join any or all organizations with one convenient method of payment through payroll deductions.


Maryland/National Association of Elementary School Principals is the joint state and national professional group of elementary and middle school administrators. 


Maryland/National Association of Secondary School Principals is the joint state and national professional group of middle and high school administrators. 

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