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Shout out and Congratulations to Our very own Zadia Gadsden, principal of Takoma Park Elementary, is The Washington Post’s 2024 Principal of the Year.

“The job is much bigger than it used to be. Now I have to pour into the adults the way I once only had to pour into the children,” Gadsden said. “I say, ‘If you need help, come see me. … I’m not successful if you are not, so let’s put our shoulders to the wheel and push together."

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Summer Leadership Conference 2024

MCAAP’s Summer Leadership Conference gives administrators an opportunity to learn, connect and achieve more through new ideas, trends and best practices to keep administrators informed and ahead of the curve. The conference features a keynote presentation, lots of breakout sessions where administrations can engage in discussions on relevant topics, and opportunities to network with colleagues for peer-learning.

The conference also offers exhibitor, sponsorship and other support opportunities for companies who are interested in sharing their programs and services with administrators. This year's conference will allow participants to share information on hot topics in MCPS.


The 2024 Summer Leadership Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Maryland. The planning committee will convene in December 2023.

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