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Shout out and Congratulations to Our very own Zadia Gadsden, principal of Takoma Park Elementary, is The Washington Post’s 2024 Principal of the Year.

“The job is much bigger than it used to be. Now I have to pour into the adults the way I once only had to pour into the children,” Gadsden said. “I say, ‘If you need help, come see me. … I’m not successful if you are not, so let’s put our shoulders to the wheel and push together."

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2024 Edye Miller Distinguished Service Award Winner, Dr. Kecia Addison

The Edye Miller Award seeks to recognize individuals who selflessly devote their time and energy to furthering the mission of MCAAP, inspiring their peers, and fostering professional growth among its members. Dr. Addison exemplifies these qualities through her steadfast commitment and outstanding contributions to the association.

Dr. Addison's involvement with MCAAP spans over a decade, during which she has consistently shown herself to be a visible, vocal, and supportive leader. Her roles have included serving as the MCAAP Central Service (CS) Cabinet Assistant Chair from 2018 to 2022 and being elected and serving as the Central Services Vice President (Chair) since 2022. Her leadership has been instrumental in increasing participation in the CS PLCs to unprecedented levels and facilitating direct communication between MCPS executive leaders and PLC members.

Throughout her tenure, Dr. Addison has actively advocated for her colleagues, taking on multiple roles, including serving on the MCAAP Board of Directors, participating in collective bargaining teams, and co-chairing several MCAAP Advisory Groups (MAGs). Her dedication is further highlighted by her involvement in various MCAAP activities, including serving on interview panels for key MCAAP positions and contributing to economic and non-economic negotiation teams.

Dr. Addison's colleagues have consistently noted her ability to inspire others to engage with MCAAP, her unwavering support for administrators across the district, and her gentle yet impactful leadership style. Despite her demanding role as the Director of Shared Accountability, she has made significant time and effort to support MCAAP initiatives and professional development programs. One member shared, “Dr. Addison’s leadership transcends her entire time as a member of MCAAP with her unyielding protection and advocacy for our members and our profession.”

In addition to her contributions to MCAAP, Dr. Addison is actively involved in numerous professional organizations and committees, such as the Montgomery County Association of Black School Educators, the MCPS Antiracist Audit Steering Committee, and various divisions within the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Her broad involvement in these groups enhances her ability to effectively serve and advocate for MCAAP members.

Dr. Addison's exemplary service and commitment have advanced the mission of MCAAP and inspired many others to support the association actively. Her extensive experience, thoughtful leadership, and dedication to professional growth make her a deserving recipient of the Edye Miller Distinguished Service Award.

Summer Leadership Conference 2024

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