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Our Work

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MCAAP is the employee organization- union-within the Montgomery County Public Schools that represents the certificated and non-certificated administrators and supervisors. These positions are covered by two recognized units: the Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (created in 1981 and formerly known as MCAASP) and the Montgomery County Business and Operations Administrators (MCBOA, created in 2008). The two units within MCAAP work together through a combined and representational leadership with a Board of Directors and chapter organization. The organization continually works to:

  • Improve the educational process for students by helping members become more effective in their various roles as educational leaders.

  • Provide a single, coordinated voice for members to promote and preserve sound administrative practices

  • Address the interest of members through political and legislative action, community outreach and education

  • Initiate and encourage cooperative efforts with professional organizations and others to promote and give leadership in matters of mutual concern

  • Represent members on educational and professional concerns and to advance and protect the professional status and welfare of members

  • Serve as the exclusive collective bargaining representative for all administrators and supervisors in the Montgomery County Public Schools

MCAAP is an active partner with the school system and the two other employee organizations which represent the teachers and the support professionals. Important in this partnership is the focus on collaboration, communication and the value of the culture of respect in the work place.

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